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Virginia Museum of History & Culture

Discover the Virginia Museum of History & Culture, Richmond, Virginia. The museum displays artifacts and exhibits dedicated to revealing the state’s past and its future through education. Start by exploring one of the most comprehensive collections of African American history in the country. Then delve into German architecture and life with two new permanent exhibits: […]

The Grand Kugel

The Grand Kugel is the largest kugel ball in the world. Built out of solid granite. It is almost 9 feet wide and weighs 29 tons. Even at that size, the sphere will spin at just a slight touch due to a sheer layer of water in the very thin space between the bottom of […]
The Grande Kugel in Richmond, VA


The town of Maymont is an uncommon feature of the city of Richmond, Virginia. The small community is located at 1700 Hampton St, Richmond, VA 23220 and is best known for its beautiful landscaping, historic architecture and recreational opportunities. With a population of just 400 people, it’s also one of the smaller incorporated communities in […]
The Dooley Mansion at Maymont, in Richmond, Virginia Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Maymont_Mansion.JPG Original Photo Credit: Morgan Riley, CC BY 3.0 Note: The Image Has Been Edited From It's Original Version.

Agecroft Hall & Gardens

Agecroft Hall, located at 4305 Sulgrave Rd, Richmond, VA 23221, and open to the public year-round, has become one of the city’s top visitor attractions. The centerpiece of this lovely gothic manor is its charming gardens. Situated on 5 acres of picturesque grounds with a picturesque pond at its center, Agecroft Hall and Gardens is […]

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