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If you own a Jeep, then you understand that it’s one of the most reliable cars on the road. It will take you to school, work and even through some off-roading trails without any problems. But like all vehicle, there are parts in your transmission system that are subject to wear and tear over time. A jeep driving off road, throwing mud and dirt in the air. Unfortunately, transmission problems require some of the costliest repairs of any system in your car. There are several reasons a transmission might fail, and replacing the entire system is often easier than repairing it. When you take your Jeep to a specialist, you’re not only paying for the transmission’s replacement or rebuild, but for the labor as well. Therefore, we always recommend following your Jeep’s regular transmission service schedule rather than waiting for something to go wrong. Ideally, that means taking it for a transmission tune-up every 30,000 miles. Here’s what you can expect If you decide to take your Jeep in for a transmission service At Speedy's.

How is Jeep Transmission Service Done?

These are multiple types of transmission services conducted on Jeeps, including:

ATF Exchange

Transmission gears send engine power to the drive wheels, automatically shifting to deliver the best efficiency and power for optimum driving speed. The Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) lubricates and cools the gears responsible for this process. The fluid degrades over time and loses its lubricant properties, so changing ATF at regular intervals is critical for preventing premature damage to the Jeep’s transmission. This service involves removing and replacing all of the old fluid.

Drain & Fill

ATF lubricates, cleans, and cools the transmission system’s internal components, helping maintain the hydraulic pressure required for proper functioning. It will deplete with time and use, and this Jeep transmission service involves removing the old ATF and refilling it to the correct level with new fluid.

Filter Replacement

Automatic transmission systems have a filter that helps remove contaminants from the ATF. This type of filter replacement service includes:

  1. Removing and reinstalling the pan
  2. Removing the old filter
  3. Replacing with a new filter
  4. Removing old gasket material
  5. Replacing pan gasket
  6. Refilling the transmission with new ATF to the correct level

ATF Exchange and Filter Replacement

Since ATF is crucial for your Jeep’s transmission system, it requires regular attention. This service includes:

  1. Changing the fluid, including the transmission cooler and torque converter
  2. Removing and replacing the old filter
  3. Removing and replacing the old gasket material
  4. Filling the new ATF to the correct level

Manual Transmission Service

Transmission fluid in manual Jeeps lubricates gears, shafts, bearings, and other components. Friction, heat, and pressure will gradually break down the additives in the fluid, and small metal particles will also shed from the gears and mix with the fluid. Sometimes, water may contaminate the fluid as well. Manual transmission service includes:

  1. Draining the old transmission fluid
  2. Filling the Jeep with the correct type and quantity of new fluid per the manufacturer’s recommendations

Complete Transmission Tune-Up

A complete tune-up includes the following services:

  1. Removing and checking the pan or sump
  2. Cleaning or replacing the filter or screen
  3. Cleaning the pan
  4. Reinstalling the new pan gasket

When Should I Take My Jeep for Transmission Service?

Ideally, transmission service and tune-up is recommended every 30,000 miles. For more precise guidelines, refer to your Jeep manufacturer’s manual or get in touch with a local transmission expert in Richmond, VA. However, if you have not yet crossed the 30,000-mile threshold and your Jeep is leaking fluid or has low fluid levels, you must take it for transmission service immediately.

What If You Miss Your Transmission Service?

The main task of your Jeep’s transmission system is to transfer engine power to the drive wheels so they can spin. Like every other component of your Jeep, the transmission system requires regular maintenance. If you decide to skip having your transmission serviced, you may experience the following complications:

Excessive Friction:

As mentioned earlier, ATF is important for lubricating internal components. Over time, this fluid loses its ability to lubricate. If you miss your transmission service, your motor parts will become dry, which will cause excessive friction and overheating.

Transmission Lagging:

Regular service ensures that the gears shift smoothly. Without service, the gears may start lagging, and you will notice a delay while shifting.

Transmission Leakage:

Without regular service, the gasket between the pan and the transmission becomes frail, causing transmission fluid to leak.

Transmission Failure:

If you neglect to service your transmission, it will eventually fail, and your vehicle will require a complete replacement or rebuild. Don’t forget to service your Jeep’s transmission, or you may end up with massive repairs. For professional transmission service in Richmond, Virginia, contact the qualified technicians at Speedy’s Transmission Shop to ensure that your Jeep shifts smoothly forever.

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