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Nissan cars, trucks, and SUVs are extremely popular among US consumers. However, like all automobiles transmission failure is bound to occur even in Nissan cars. In this article we'll be going over the most common problems with Nissan CVT's or continuously variable transmissions.

Nissan CVT

What is a CVT?

The Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) is a type of automatic transmission, but it is distinct in design and function as compared to conventional transmissions. Nissan has integrated the CVT into several of its light and medium duty passenger vehicles like Altima, Maxima, Rogue, Note, Murano, and more. CVT's are engineered to provide an even, gradual flow of power as the vehicle accelerates. This makes for a smooth and quiet ride and better fuel economy. But as your CVT transmission gets older, breakdowns and damaged parts can occur even if you regularly service the your vehicle.

Signs To Watch For To Detect Issues With Your Nissan CVT

Nissan's can experience problems in various ways but usually they are characterized by harsh or sudden changes in power output while driving or accelerating. These kinds of issues are often caused by debris, like metal shavings getting in your, CVT pulley belt system that operates the gears. Other times there may be no warning signs at all and your CVT may just suddenly stop working. Look out for the following signs when driving your vehicle and hopefully you'll catch any problems before they turn into a major issue.


Changing gears has to be effortless and unnoticeable by drivers. So if you hear any odd noises when shifting gears, it might indicate an issue with the transmission system.

Burning Smell

Are you getting an acrid or burning odor? It is commonly caused by the transmission fluid leaking out or getting overheated. Even the transmission unit can become overheated.


Gear changes have to occur immediately. That is why any delay or hesitation should be addressed right away.

Transmission Leaks

Nissan makes use of pressurized transmission fluid in order to change gears seamlessly. If there is a leak in the system, this pressure isn’t achieved. As a result, your car struggles to change gears.

Neutral Noises

As mentioned, any noises from your transmission should be seen as a warning sign, and hearing noises when in neutral is a signal of low fluid levels or fluid that is expired.

Warning Lights

Has your check engine light switched on suddenly? While it could indicate any number of problems, it can also mean there is an issue with the transmission. If you are experiencing any of these issues, it is best to take your Nissan in for service immediately before more damage occurs.

Why Nissan CVT's Fail

Nissan’s CVT’s have been the topic of many due to the extremely high failure rate. We found this helpful video from speedkar99 on youtube.

In this video, he takes apart a continuously variable transmission from a 2006 Nissan Murano, and dissects it to see how the individual components function as part of the transmission. You'll also learn why they fail, and the advantages and disadvantages of Nissan’s CVT’s

What is the cost of Nissan transmission repair?

When the above symptoms arise, transmissions in Nissan vehicles generally have to be rebuilt fully or partially. Remember that gears and mechanical parts inside the transmission unit are closely connected, so if one component is damaged, it can cause other parts to get damaged as well. The mechanic will inspect your transmission unit and recommend the solution accordingly. If a complete Nissan transmission rebuild is required, most or all parts housed in the transmission are removed and replaced. Even the transmission fluid is replaced to eradicate any debris that has accumulated in the system. Please be aware that getting your Nissan transmission replaced is an expensive procedure, but it may be necessary. A Completely New Replacement CVT can cost over $4000 of dollars, but a used Nissan CVT or rebuild may be a more cost effective option. Any repair or replacement should be performed by qualified professionals who can perform a thorough diagnosis and have prior expertise of Nissan vehicles – this isn’t a DIY task, so don’t try it at home or you might end up doing more harm than good. At Speedy’s Transmission Shop (Richmond, VA), we offer Nissan transmission rebuild as one of our many services. The cost and time varies depending upon the exact model of the vehicle. The cost includes the price of new parts and labor charges. The exact cost can be determined only after disassembling the transmission and assessing the extent of damage. Don’t worry – our technician will consult and discuss your options when it comes to Nissan transmission repair, before proceeding. You will be appraised about the price and time required for completion.

Nissan CVT Transmission Maintenance

If you'd like to avoid costly repairs, we suggest you bring in you Nissan to get a transmission tune-up every two years or around 30,000 miles. This includes a free diagnostic, fluid changes, filter replacement, and a full gasket check. If you are already experiencing Nissan CVT transmission failure or other problems, it is best to take your car in for a quick diagnostic evaluation as soon as possible. If the diagnosis indicates that the problem will be expensive to fix (involving labor or engine parts), we can provide financing options for customers with limited budgets. Liked this post? Check out our post on General CVT Repair in Richmond, VA

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