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Need Your Transmission Serviced In Richmond Virginia?

Speedy's Transmission Shop offers a number of services to get you back on the road. Our transmission services include, free diagnostics, routine tune-ups, rebuilds & repairs to have your transmission running like new again, and even upgrades for towing and hauling heavy loads. Give us a call for a complimentary diagnostic and a free estimate on repair costs.

Transmission Diagnostics

When your car has a transmission problem, you want to avoid unnecessary costs, by finding out exactly what’s causing the issue in a timely manner, that’s why we use the latest and most accurate computer diagnostic technology in our shop.

And with more than 40 years combined experience in transmissions we know how to use our ears and eyes for old school diagnostic techniques as well. Give us a call for a complimentary diagnosis and a free estimate on the repair costs.

Transmission Tune-Ups

A transmission tune-up is similar to getting an oil change, and should be part of your cars regular maintenance, every two years or around 30,000 miles. Our transmission tune-up service includes:

  • Checking your transmissions gaskets, and replacing them if necessary.
  • Replacing your transmissions filters.
  • Changing your transmission fluid, and draining out any small pieces of metal from it might contain.
Adding transmission fluid to a vehicle.

Transmission Repairs

When your transmission has a problem there are usually 2 options available to fix the transmission:

Repair the transmission by replacing the damaged or broken parts, or Rebuilding it from the ground up.

In many cases your transmission, can be repaired without having to rebuild the entire transmission, which is usually the less expensive option. Our transmission experts have the experience to help you decide which option is right for your vehicle. Give us a call for a free diagnosis.

People Looking Over A Disassembled Transmission

Transmission Rebuilds

In a transmission rebuild, your entire transmission is painstakingly disassembled and inspected piece by piece, and any damaged or worn parts are then replaced. Our skilled technicians will then reassemble your transmission and put it back into your vehicle.

Since every car make/model has a unique transmission a specialist is required for a rebuild. With more than 40 years combined experience in transmissions our master tech professionals are capable of rebuilding any type of transmission, from the latest CVT's to automatic and manual transmissions.

Automatic transmission parts on a workbench.

Transmission Upgrades

Pulling heavy trailers or loading your vehicle with excess weight?

Give us a call for a free consultation on your needs. We can help upgrade your transmission with extra durable heavy duty parts to:

  • Tow and haul heavier loads
  • Increase the life of your transmission
  • Add more gears or increase your engine speed on standard transmissions
  • Increase the gas mileage of automatic transmissions
  • Stop your engine from shuddering at high speeds
A Newly Upgraded Shiny Transmission

Transmission Programming

One of the most important components in any modern transmission is the transmission control unit, which is responsible for monitoring your transmission and operating the gears and components that allow you to shift gears.

Programming the transmission control unit is a process that will actually change the way the parts inside your transmission work together. This can improve fuel efficiency, allow for better shifting and/or provide a boost in torque, ultimately delivering a better driving experience.

Transmission Gearbox and clutch cross-section

CVT Transmission Repair

Many modern cars now use CVT's (continuously variable transmission's) instead of a more traditional transmission with fixed gear ratios. CVT's are most commonly found in Subaru, Nissan and Mitsubishi cars and SUV's, but Honda and Toyota are starting to include them in more vehicles as well.

If you’re looking for CVT repair in the Richmond area, our service center can help. From overheating to slipping gears we can diagnose your problem and provide you with a free estimate before making any necessary repairs.

Working on a CVT gearbox at our shop in Richmond, VA

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