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What is a CVT Transmission?

Many modern cars now use CVT's or continuously variable transmission's instead of a more traditional transmission with fixed gear ratios. CVT's are most commonly found in Subaru, Nissan and Mitsubishi cars and SUV's, but Honda and Toyota are starting to include them in more vehicles as well.

CVTs are different from the type of transmission found in most vehicles. In a CVT, the pulleys and gears that are used to change gears or speed ratios are controlled by two belts, rather than by metal shafts (as in conventional automatics). This means that when you shift gears in a CVT-equipped vehicle, there’s no clunking sound as the system is shifting up or down - it just continues to operate smoothly.

Common Problems With CVT's

CVT transmissions are not without mechanical problems, and as with conventional automatics, it can be expensive to repair or replace a CVT. In fact if you search you’ll find a number of common issues with CVTs. These include overheating, slipping, shuddering, jerking, and a sudden loss of power.

The cost to repair or replace CVTs can be expensive and the best way to avoid this is regular maintenance

(We recommend a tune-up every two years or around 30,000 miles.) this should include replacing the transmission fluid as well as performing an inspection for other potential problems that could arise.

Working on a CVT gearbox

The Top 5 Problems With CVT's

  1. Overheating

    One potential problem that could arise with a CVT is overheating. If your car’s engine gets too hot, the vehicle will have to switch gears, or if the transmission fails entirely it may not be able to move at all. The first thing you should do in this situation is pull over and turn off your car's engine. Your car should restart once it has cooled down; however, if there are any visible flames coming from underneath your hood you need to get out of the area.

  2. Slipping

    This is one of the most common problems with CVT transmissions. It’s caused by a belt slipping on an improperly adjusted pulley or gear. This usually happens when there isn't enough lubrication in the system, and it can be remedied by adding more grease to the affected area.

  3. Jerking/Shuddering

    A type of problem that may arise from a CVT transmission is jerking or shuddering during acceleration. In this situation, you need to bring your car into a transmission specialist with experience in CVT repair.

  4. Sudden Loss Of Power

    This is a major issue with CVT transmissions. It's caused by the belt slipping on an improperly adjusted pulley or gear, and it can be remedied by adding grease to the affected area.

  5. Noisy while driving

    Some CVT's have issues with whining, or rattling sound while driving especially with Nissan CVT’s. Although humming and whining sounds are normal for cars, excess noise is a sign that your CVT transmission is going bad. If you hear too much noise coming from your CVT, or experience other symptoms such as jerking or shuddering, these signs of a bad CVT transmission. And it's probably time to have a mechanic check it out.

A Nissan CVT gearbox

What To Do If Your Vehicle is Showing Signs Of Problems

It’s important to take your car into a transmission specialist with experience in CVT repair as soon as you notice these signs. If you drive the vehicle for too long without repairing it, these problems can escalate and turn into costly repairs or replacements.

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Have Problems With Your CVT Transmission?

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