Diesel Transmission Repair in Richmond, VA

Diesel transmissions work like any other transmission system, but they deliver extra power at lower engine RPM. That means they need to have additional holding capacity for when pressures are low, which requires more clutch surface and efficient pumps.

Diesel engines are built with minor but important alterations that allow them to handle different engine gradations, which means you need a mechanic equipped to work on this type of system. Our top-notch mechanics at Speedy's Transmission Shop have the knowledge to properly diagnose and service your diesel engine problems.

Common Services For Diesel Engines

The diesel engine is a powerful machine that requires skilled mechanics and knowledgeable technicians to keep it in top condition. Services for these engines include:

  • Repair and replacement
  • Fluid and oil maintenance services
  • Performance diagnostics
  • Overhaul and replacement of the transmission system
  • Maintenance and performance tuning
Running a transmission diagnostic on a diesel semi truck

If your diesel engine develops mechanical problems, what is the next step? Go ahead and contact our service professionals at Speedy's Transmission Shop. Our expert technicians will identify the problem with your transmission system and get you back on the road in no time.

Have Problems With Your Diesel Engine?

If your vehicle is experiencing any of the issues above, why don't you bring it on by our shop in Richmond, VA? With over 4 decades of combined experience, we offer a wide range of diagnostic, repair, tune-up, rebuild, and upgrade services for your vehicle’s transmission system. If you are short of money, our finance partner can also offer no-interest loans to our clients for up to one year.

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