Manual Transmission Repair in Richmond, VA

Manual transmission systems use a clutch to mechanically transfer power from the engine to the transmission. As the driver, you are responsible for shifting gears, which allows you to dominate the driving experience, though it does make it a bit more complicated.

It’s important to keep your manual transmission system in optimal condition. Transmission fluid decays over time, so make sure to replace it periodically to keep your gear shifts smooth. The exact frequency will depend on your car’s model and year of manufacture.

Common Problems With Manual Transmissions

Manual transmission systems show specific signs when they start failing, so pay close attention. Getting it fixed on time will save you money in the long run. Some of the most common signs your transmission needs service include:

  • Failing engine lights
  • A slipping clutch – If your engine revs but your vehicle won’t move, you might have a worn-out clutch pedal. It’s time to get it adjusted, repaired, or replaced.
  • Grinding noises.
  • Noise when in neutral gear
  • Delays in movements or lack of responsiveness.
A stick shifter on a manual transmission.

What Does It Cost To Repair A Manual Transmission?

If you are one of the few people still driving a manual vehicle, you’re in luck! Manual transmission systems are cheaper to maintain and repair than automatic ones.

This may seem a little counterintuitive, since they are more complex and contain many parts, but this just means that the parts and components can be easily replaced.

Automatic transmission systems, on the other hand, are a bit more challenging – all of their mechanical and electrical components have to work together for a smooth gear shift.

The cost of repairing your manual transmission system will depend on your vehicle model and the components you need for the job. For instance, repairing a leak will cost less than opening up the transmission system to diagnose the issue.

So you think you have a faulty transmission system – what is the next step? Go ahead and book an appointment with Speedy's Transmission Shop. Our technicians will identify the problem with your transmission system and get you back on the road in no time.

Have Problems With Your Manual Transmission?

If your car is experiencing any of the issues above, why don't you bring it on by our shop in Richmond, VA? With over 4 decades of combined experience, we offer a wide range of diagnostic, repair, tune-up, rebuild, and upgrade services for your vehicle’s transmission system. If you are short of money, our finance partner can also offer no-interest loans to our clients for up to one year.

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