Transmission Diagnostic Service In Richmond, VA

You know what it's like to drive your car and how it sounds and feels, so when something is not right you can tell.

If you notice that your transmission won’t engage or stay in a gear, or that the shifts are delayed or that there’s a burning smell or that there are odd noises emanating from inside the transmission, your car might have a transmission problem.

Knowing you have a transmission problem is only the first step towards having it fixed because you need to identify the root cause of the issue. The only way to uncover the fault is to have your mechanic do a transmission diagnostic on your vehicle

Transmission problems are not always easy to diagnose, but identifying the root cause will help you get back on track. The sooner a mechanic diagnoses your car's transmission woes, the better chance it has of being fixed before more damage is done!

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What Is A Transmission Diagnostic?

A transmission diagnostic is the process of taking a critical look at your vehicle's transmission and its individual components to discover what isn't working properly.

It can be compared with visiting one's doctor for complaining about symptoms, as mechanics carry out tests which will help them figure out how much repair work needs done on yours specifically.

How Do Mechanics Find Out What Is Wrong With Your Transmission?

If you notice that your car is showing warning signs of a transmission problem, you need to have it checked by a mechanic to detect the cause of the issue. But how does a mechanic do this? The process is pretty straightforward.

The mechanic will plug in a small device, known as OBD2 scanner, to your car and wait for it to interface with your car’s internal computer system to pinpoint the specific problem that is wrong with your transmission.

After completing the interface, the scanner gives a code that matches the exact problem of your vehicle, indicating the component that’s faulty. This process makes it easy to fix the issue rather than having to check dozens of other things.

What Gets Checked During The Transmission Diagnosis?

Although the mechanic will use the OBD2 scanner, reliable auto repair shops will perform a multi-point inspection. This means the following things will be checked apart from the OBD2 scanner evaluation:

Transmission Diagnosis Richmond, VA
  • Initial transmission engagement
  • Upshift timing
  • Downshift timing
  • Downshift quality
  • Neutral performance
  • Reverse performance
  • Parking
  • Vibrations
  • U-joints
  • Vacuum connections
  • Harness connections
  • Fluid retention etc...

The purpose of this testing process is to ensure thoroughness so no stone is left unturned in fixing your car.

Transmission Diagnostic Service In Richmond, Virginia

As you’re probably aware, your transmission is a delicate part of your vehicle in that its makeup is complicated, comprising hundreds of different parts.

If you’re experiencing transmission problems, it’s important to take your vehicle to a tried and trusted mechanic who will diagnose the precise problem with your car so repairs can be fast.

Car owners in Richmond trust us at Speedy's Transmission Shop to investigate transmission problems and we are thrilled to be your local choice for transmission diagnostic service. So go ahead and get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment.

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