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Your transmission is the heart of your vehicle. Inside every transmission, hundreds of parts work together to transfer power from your engine to your wheels.

One of the most important components in any modern transmission is the transmission control unit, which is responsible for monitoring your transmission and operating the gears and components that allow you to shift gears.

What is transmission programming and how does it work?

Programming the transmission control unit is a process that will actually change the way the parts inside your transmission work together. This can improve fuel efficiency, allow for better shifting and/or provide a boost in torque – ultimately delivering a better driving experience.

There are several steps involved in programming the transmission control unit of your vehicle including:

  1. Verifying that your vehicle can be programmed - Due to the complex nature of programming these control units, not all vehicles are candidates for transmission programming.
  2. Reading the necessary diagnostic information - This includes the module configuration information, calibration ID and calibration verification numbers for your vehicle’s transmission control unit.
  3. Programming your transmission control unit - This process will take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the type of control unit, as well as the specific programming options chosen.
Mechanic using a laptop computer to program a transmission control unit.

When should I have my transmission programmed?

Programming the transmission control unit in your car has become a necessary step in the installation of a new transmission for many vehicle makes and models. Reprogramming a transmission is also sometimes required after a repair or diagnostic procedure. In most cases, it should be done before you install a remanufactured or used transmission, and it should definitely be completed if a code has been thrown for any reason.

Do I need to have my transmission programmed when a new transmission is installed?

At this point, the answer will vary depending on what type of vehicle you’re driving. However, in general, most vehicles require reprogramming if they throw any kind of transmission code. And if you're getting a new transmission, programming the vehicle’s transmission control unit will ensure that everything works as smoothly and effectively as it should.

How long does it take to program/reprogram my transmission?

For the most part, the programming process is straightforward and shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes to an hour in general. However, if you choose to add additional services such as a transmission flush or fluid exchange, it may take longer. If we’re doing any work on the transmission itself, we recommend allowing for an extra hour in our shop.

Where can I get my transmission programmed?

Speedy's Transmission Shop is staffed with knowledgeable experts that are well-versed in all transmission services including reprogramming. We have the right equipment and technology to ensure that your car or truck operates at maximum efficiency, no matter how complex it is. Plus, our staff has all the information you need about programming a transmission, making installation easier than ever before!

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