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When your transmission fails - and fail they do with alarming frequency these days - it is not only expensive but also inconvenient to replace the entire unit.

A rebuilt transmission offers an attractive alternative here, by restoring full functionality at a fraction of the cost. The best part about this option is that it gets the job done without any loss of quality and we can do a transmission rebuild for almost all makes and models.

If you are looking for a transmission rebuild service in Richmond, or the surrounding areas then look no further than our team at Speedy's Transmission Shop for a free diagnosis and a recommendation for your vehicle.

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What Is A Transmission Rebuild?

The transmission is one of the most important elements of every vehicle. Without this component, power from the engine will not get to the wheel, and you won't get far while driving. This is why having a problem with the transmission could be frightening.

Most times, when something goes wrong with your transmission, some repair shops will ask you to replace them. However, it is possible to rebuild your transmission. Simply visit Speedy's Transmission Shop, in Richmond, Virginia, and we will be glad to help. There is no need to give up on your vehicle just because the transmission malfunctions or dies. Speedy's offers both manual and automatic rebuild of your transmission just in time.

How Does A Transmission Rebuild Work?

A transmission rebuild is a process that involves replacing old and faulty components of your car's transmission.
a dissasembled transmission When you take your vehicle for a transmission rebuild in reputable shops like Speedy's Transmission Shop, your car will be diagnosed to determine the cause of the problem.

First, the team of expert technicians at Speedy's Transmission Shop will remove and dismantle the transmission from the vehicle; they will take time to thoroughly clean it by running it through a part washer.

All old or broken transmission parts are replaced, including the gaskets and seals. Electrical repairs also happen during this process to improve performance and extend its longevity before being reinstalled into your vehicle.

A transmission rebuild can be a long process but it is an holistic approach that will uncover all the problems with your transmissions while generally costing less than buying a new or used one.

Costs Of Rebuilding A Transmission

The price to repair your transmission depends on the type and extent of damage. Transmission repairs can be quite expensive so it's best to get an estimate beforehand as well as finding shops that offer a good warranty and affordable financing options like Speedy's.

We offer a 3 year warranty with unlimited miles, and have partnered with a few finance companies to give you options such as one year payment plans with no interest. We can even help people with bad credit, or no credit history at all.

5 Signs Your Transmission May Need a Rebuild

A transmission rebuild can be costly and inconvenient if it's something your budget doesn't allow for right now - but there are some warning signs so you know ahead of time before things get too bad! For example:

  1. Transmission Fluid Leaks:

    If you have a car with a transmission fluid leak, you may need a transmission rebuild service. At Speedy's Transmission Shop, our team of technicians will examine your vehicle and determine what needs to be done before carrying out a complete rebuild of the affected parts.

  2. Transmission Won't Shift:

    The best option for a transmissions that won't shift could be a rebuild. This problem is usually caused by worn-out gear teeth or missing gear teeth that won't allow the transmission to function properly.

  3. Strange Sounds:

    When you notice a weird sound from your vehicle while driving, then a transmission rebuild may be in order. Visit the Speedy's Transmission Shop in Richmond, VA, to discover the cause of the problem and have it rebuilt.

  4. Burning Odor:

    This is one of the earlier signs that your car engine is strained and needs to be fixed soon. When your car transmission smells while driving, there is a chance that the fluid is overheating. If you do not visit a repair immediately, the result could be a devastating or a complete failure, leading to a complete rebuild or replacement.

  5. Slipping Or Shuddering Gears:

    Other signs to show that you may need a transmission rebuild include: loss of power when driving up hills or accelerating; excessive shuddering from your car's engine under acceleration and deceleration – especially on inclines; slip-outs while parking at slow speeds (especially going downhill); or slipping gears during start-up or after being idle for more than 15 minutes.

Why Choose Speedy's Transmission Shop in Richmond, VA?

Once you notice a transmission problem with your vehicle, the first step is to visit a transmission shop. If you live in Richmond, VA, then Speedy's is here for you. When you visit us, our team of expert technicians will provide you with a tailored solution. We have the right knowledge and skills to keep your vehicles on the road without issues.

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