Transmission Tune-up in RichmondVA

You might not give much thought to the your cars transmission, but a transmission tune-up should be a regular part of what you do with your vehicle.

If you don't want interference from unwelcome noises and troubles in performance on the road, make sure that your transmission gets its due diligence every two years or around 30K miles!

Our transmission tune-up service includes:

  • Checking your transmissions gaskets, and replacing them if necessary.
  • Replacing your transmissions filters.
  • Changing your transmission fluid, and draining out any small pieces of metal from it might contain.
Adding transmission fluid to a vehicle.

How a Tune-up Can Improve Performance

Smooth Movement

When your transmission system gets dirty, it starts losing hydraulic power and the gears tend to become slippery. You need enough pressure in your transmission to stay in the right gear, and a dirty transmission has contaminants that interfere with the transmission fluid’s flow.

If there are no other problems in your transmission and the fluid levels are full, then the issue might be a restricted flow of fluids due to dirt or contaminant build-up.

Draining out old transmission fluid.

Responsive Gear Shifting

If your transmission has too much sludge or dirt in the transmission fluid, it will lead to a sluggish response while changing gears. This can create problems and make it hard to change gears while driving.

This type of problem is even more prominent in manual transmission vehicles. So, regular transmission tune-ups are recommended for the safe operation of your vehicle.

Shifting gears with a sluggish transmission.

Quiet Operation

If you notice strange sounds from your transmission while you drive your vehicle, you should stop and check the level of your transmission fluid while the engine is off.

Make sure that the color of the fluid is red, not black or brown. If the fluid level is good, but it looks dirty, it’s probably overdue for a tune-up.

Why don't you go ahead and bring it on by our shop in Richmond, Virginia?

Steady Vehicle Operation

You might notice that your vehicle starts surging while driving. This could be a sign of transmission fluid contamination, which causes the system to operate in an inconsistent manner. A dirty or clogged up system can't pump out enough quality fluids, and as a result the vehicle surges forward when it shouldn't, falls back for some unknown reason - even just jumps into gear all by itself at times. This can lead to more serious consequences down the line if not addressed promptly with professional help.

side mirror view of car driving with trees on both sides of the road, fast motion blur.

Schedule A Transmission Tune-Up

If your car is experiencing any of the issues above, why don't you bring it on by our shop in Richmond, VA? With over 4 decades of combined experience, we offer a wide range of diagnostic, repair, tune-up, rebuild, and upgrade services for your vehicle’s transmission system. If you are short of money, our finance partner can also offer no-interest loans to our clients for up to one year.

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